So. You’ve identified a need for a larger digital presence, whether that means building a new website, optimizing your current site, or running some paid search or social media advertisements. You already wear several hats at your company, but building out a digital ecosystem is not one of them. What do you do? You search high and low for the best digital marketing agency and discover Gravitate. It’s a perfect fit! What’s next?

Next is getting set up with your account manager (AM), who just might become your new best friend. The AM will be your guide throughout your digital marketing agency experience. But what exactly does a digital marketing account manager do?


What Does an Account Manager Do?

Your digital marketing account manager is the dedicated point person for all of your wants and needs (think big!) related to the world wide web. They act as a liaison between you and your company, plus an entire team of digital marketing producers at the agency. The AM supports these producers as they implement targeted marketing strategies designed to meet and exceed all of your digital goals. Similar to you, account managers wear many hats. They are agile, organized, great listeners, and excellent communicators.

They work with you to identify goals based on your organization’s needs. Maybe you work in the travel and tourism industry and are looking to create custom landing pages that align with an upcoming campaign. Or, maybe you’re a marketing manager at a mom and pop shop and need someone to run point on all things digital. No matter your role or level of expertise, account managers are there to support you and educate along the way. They will ensure that the right work for your business gets done in a timely, efficient manner.

Account managers in digital marketing agencies usually have a diverse work history that may include general sales, marketing, or customer service roles. Previous work history may include working at other agencies or doing in-house work. They will draw from past experiences and ask specific questions to tailor your interactions for measurable results. Some of the skills they possess include time management, excellent verbal and written communication, empathy, and organization. As such, they are often “people persons” with a knack for project management. They compile requests from their clients (that could be you!) and work with their internal team to budget resources and time to help you meet your targets.

Our Digital Marketing Account Management Process

So, what can you expect from the day-to-day of working with an account manager in marketing? Here’s a simple breakdown of how it goes here at Gravitate:

Liaise With the Client

The AM will schedule regular meetings based on your schedule preferences. These meetings could occur weekly, biweekly, or any other agreed upon cadence. Establishing a regular schedule will ensure no tasks fall between the cracks.

Schedule the Team

The AM will coordinate with their internal team and line up resources to get started on moving the needle based on short and long-term goals. They will schedule your agreed upon monthly hours to book time for digital marketing tasks, from on-page SEO to technical maintenance to keyword research.

Communicate Results and Timing

Regular updates will be provided to the client on progress via email or a meeting. The account manager will keep you in the loop so you always have a good handle on what’s coming down the pipeline next.

Make Adjustments Based on Data

It’s never enough! Continual fine-tuning and adjusting of goals based on data is the end game. Every month, our digital marketing strategists put together analytics reports showcasing how your site has performed over the past month. Using this information, your AM will help you parse out what it all means and determine the best next steps to continue growing your brand.


After an initial meeting with your AM, it’s time to get to work. Behind the account manager is a full dream team of people in various disciplines who are there to support all of your ambitions. This includes website developers, social media advertisers, paid search experts, conversion rate optimizers, graphic designers, content marketers, and more. Your new bestie will take time to do some initial research and work with their team to make recommendations based on their findings.

Ready to Meet Your Digital Marketing Account Manager?

The digital landscape is changing every day, and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest algorithms and updates. When you have a digital marketing account manager on your team, you can relax and let them do the heavy lifting. Bonus points when you report to key stakeholders about all of the measurable results you’re seeing!

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