Understanding Why and Where

Understanding your online competition and exactly why and where it outperforms your business is a crucial component to building a successful digital marketing campaign. We identify your search and social media competitors and meticulously examine their client personas, key comparable ranking signals, and offline strategies to gain the most insight possible into exactly how and where to focus time and effort.

Competitor Identification

The first step is to pinpoint exactly who your direct online competitors are, in what regions, and keywords they’re using. Using our proprietary software, we analyze hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords and phrases and scrub tens of thousands of websites to unquestionably establish your competition.

Competitor Analysis

We take the essential competitor data gathered in the identification process dig deep into the companies with whom you truly compete with. We examine where, why and how they’re making conversions, what types of content creation consistently boosts traffic, and how your competition’s buying personas align with your own strategy.

Wins and Losses

Now that we not only know your direct online competition but also how it’s succeeding and failing, we can use this valuable insight to create and implement a successful digital marketing campaign for you.

Continual Analysis and Recommendations

Gravitate’s competitive analysis is a continuous process that not only benchmarks against your competition quarterly but also can review competitors continually and be setup to alert the team and clients when a competitor outranks in a specific region or for a particular keyword.


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