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Audience-Based Facebook Campaigns

Sometimes search engine marketing isn’t the only way to reach your audience. With over 1 billion users, Facebook Ads is the perfect complement to any digital marketing campaign. Facebook ads put your business in front of your audience by placing content directly in their news feed, funneling them to your Facebook page to increase likes, your website to learn more about your business, or your front door to make a purchase.

Gravitate’s team has been a powerful partner to Old Trapper, especially with the tremendous growth we’ve experienced as a brand over the past four years. As an integrated extension of our marketing team, they deliver a lot more value than just website and strategy support. We know we can rely on Gravitate for anything we throw at them.

Robert Leary, Chief Marketing Officer for Old Trapper
  • Creating Your Perfect Audience
  • Creating Eye-catching Content
  • Analytics That Matter
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Creating Your Perfect Audience

Creating your perfect audience

Our team will use your marketing personas to create custom Facebook audiences based on their age, gender, interests, profession, job-level, and more. We can also import current customer lists, create lookalike audiences, or retarget towards people who have already visited your website.

Creating Eye-catching Content

Creating Eye-Catching Content

Once the audience is created, our team of copywriters and designers will create highly compelling social ads that drive your audience where we want them to go. Our digital strategist will manage your Facebook ads account, ensuring that your message gets in front of your audience while not exceeding your budget.

Analytics That Matter

Keeping your team informed, and our strategy fresh

Each month our team will review the progress of your Facebook ads campaign ensuring that they ads are still aligned with current goals, optimized for conversions, and identify if there are any areas of improvement.

We will provide your team with a monthly report showing wins and losses and include ongoing recommendations for audience, content, and Facebook ad performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

The experience a potential customer has on your website is critical to converting your target audience into paying customers. Our strategists deep dive into your site as a tool, from visual and UX design, messaging, and site performance, to user analytics, and heat mapping. We define friction points, plan, and deploy tests utilizing our set of proven tools and tactics to grow your sales.

Performance Contracting, Inc

Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI) is among the nation’s leading specialty contractors providing nearly thirty diverse trades to the industrial, commercial, and non-residential markets. With over 60 branch offices nationwide we were tasked with combining nearly two dozen websites into a single robust offering capable of showcasing nationwide expertise while also serving up detailed contact information depending on where potential customers are located.

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