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    Targeting and custom messaging

    We use geo-targeting to segment ads right down the ZIP code level. We can also target gender, age, and interests. This lets us send custom, tailored messages to specific audience segments. For even further targeting, social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow us to pinpoint your audiences even more precisely. By specifying precise persona, demographic, psychographic, and geographic details, you can display your ads to a laser-focused group of people, resulting in better quality leads for your business.


    Search engine marketing is ongoing. We leverage the retargeting services of search engines and social media platforms to remarket your company to those who have already shown interest. If someone has visited your website or social page early in the buying cycle, we’ll make sure your custom ad appears in their future search results, social feeds, and other websites within the display network. This reinforces your messaging and positions you as the ultimate brand authority.

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