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User Satisfaction > Fewer Clicks

The 3 click rule has been around since the dawn of the internet, but does the idea of having any content on your website accessible only after three clicks still hold up?

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Write a Smarter RFP—Part II

Many agencies will be able to build you a lovely website. Fewer will be able to build one that actually produces measurable results. Fewer still will have a team and culture that clicks with your company and makes the collaboration greater than the sum of its parts. So, consider the following suggestions to find the best fit.

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What a C-Suite Executive Should Know About SEO

SEO is important to your organization and can help it grow. Investing time in optimizing your site and site’s content so people can find it online through organic search results can help your organization increase leads, sales, and an audience.

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YouTube Cards Provide New Opportunities for Advertising

Google is announcing a new way of using Annotations on YouTube called YouTube cards. Here’s our take on using them for your YouTube Advertising efforts.

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How to set a realistic timeline for your website project

One of the hardest things for companies to do is predict is how long their new site will take to build and launch. That makes sense, right? These companies don’t build sites themselves, so they have no way to know what’s realistic.

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#The100DayProject: What We Learned, What We Loved

Our design team — five designers strong — embarked on this ambitious journey in April. And on July 14, three of our designers crossed the finish line by tapping the Instagram share button for the 100th time: Melanie Graham and her 100 days of icons, Jessica Shiner and her 100 days of patterns, and Miranda Slayter with her 100 days of addresses.

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Rules For Your Company Blog

Leads, authority, shareable content – these can all help your business, and here are a few rules to apply to your blogging strategy to ensure you make the most out of the time you spend crafting your posts.

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How to set a timeline for a website project

Webinar – How to Set a Realistic Timeline for a Website Project

It’s not talked about often, but the timeline is the hardest part of the client/agency relationship. As much as design agencies are lionized as auteurs that design unique, beautiful websites to drive massive success for their clients, the truth is that in this industry, success depends on the partnership between clients and agencies.

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