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How to write an effective website design RFP

A big part of the success for any project happens before the project begins, and even before contracts are signed. When creating a successful website, pre-planning and vendor selection are just as important as design and development. For a lot of organizations, the solution is to draft a request for proposal document, or RFP, and…

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New Internet Marketing Strategies – The Future of SEO

Don’t Get Left Behind Google is working very hard at becoming human. At Gravitate, we’ve always promoted writing great content aimed at humans and not robots as the key to SEO longevity. However, there are a few key tactics when it comes to creating and promoting content that Google wants to see more of.  Developing…

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Event Tracking for Google Analytics: WordPress Edition

In my previous post, “Event Tracking for Google Analytics: 3-Step Set Up”, I explained an easy way for site owners to set up Google Analytics by adding the tracking code to each item they want to track. In this post I am going to explain another way of setting up event tracking for WordPress sites…

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Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin Has a Fancy New Feature: Bulk Editors

One of the best SEO plugins for WordPress is Yoast SEO. This plugin allows you to create default meta descriptions and default title tags for your site that are clean and SEO friendly. However, previously updating each page was an cumbersome task forcing you to go page-by-page to make these changes. Thankfully, that’s a thing…

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Some of our favorite PHP development tools

SublimeText The ultimate text editor for any PHP developer, Sublime Text is full of helpful productivity tools right out of the box.  You can do multiple columns/rows/windows per project, multiple cursor placement, custom key-bindings for everything, and much more. My absolute favorite feature is the package manager, which allows you to easily install and…

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medical on mobile

Medical on Mobile: Why Responsive and Mobile First Design are Vital to the Healthcare Industry

How are you reading this article right now? More specifically, what size of screen are you viewing this information on? Are you on a 4-inch phone, an 8-inch tablet, a 15-inch laptop, or a 27-inch desktop? Are you having to swipe, pinch, and zoom to see content? Or is everything laid out for you to…

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Mouse with scroll wheel

There Can Be Only One: The Power of Single-Page Websites

There has been long-standing debate in the web design industry over whether users scroll or not. The “above-the-fold” mantra has been hammered into the brains of designers by old-fashioned thinkers wanting to spring a sales pitch on site visitors from the get go. But we’re here to say that the days of being concerned with the fold…

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Top 12 SEO Blogs to Bookmark in 2014

As Google’s never-ending battle to curtail spam rages on in 2014, the guidelines for best SEO practices remain the same (at least for now): create unique, content-rich information for both users and search engines alike. Last September, Google introduced Hummingbird— a new search algorithm that aims to improve the relevancy of search engine results—in an…

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Over the past 15 years we've worked with many companies, of all shapes and sizes. Some of our most commonly served industries include:

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