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Common Mistakes in Credit Union Marketing

We’ve been thinking about credit unions a great deal of late. In recent years, we’ve designed websites for a couple of credit unions, and, which included extensive research on the industry. We’ve also been contacted by numerous other credit unions over that same period, including detailed discussion of their goals and frustrations.

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How To Build Your Brand With Periscope and Meerkat

Livestream apps Periscope (powered by Twitter) and Meerkat burst onto the social media scene six months ago, and media companies and brands were quick to jump on the bandwagon of a sparkling, new social media platform.

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Telling a Story With Data

Telling a story with data and information is an effective way to persuade your audience for two main reasons. The first reason is you are engaging your audience with the story. You are creating that emotional connection between your audience and your story, and your audience and yourself. This creates a larger impact with your audience and will help them remember the information you are sharing longer.

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A/B Testing with Google Experiments: WordPress Edition

Our agency doesn’t believe in using the word “like” when discussing design, content, or just about anything really—except maybe food and drinks. Rather than saying like, we replace it with statements such as “this color makes me feel” or “based off our users, I feel this would be more effective.” Though we strive to live…

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User Satisfaction > Fewer Clicks

The 3 click rule has been around since the dawn of the internet, but does the idea of having any content on your website accessible only after three clicks still hold up?

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Write a Smarter RFP—Part II

Many agencies will be able to build you a lovely website. Fewer will be able to build one that actually produces measurable results. Fewer still will have a team and culture that clicks with your company and makes the collaboration greater than the sum of its parts. So, consider the following suggestions to find the best fit.

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What a C-Suite Executive Should Know About SEO

SEO is important to your organization and can help it grow. Investing time in optimizing your site and site’s content so people can find it online through organic search results can help your organization increase leads, sales, and an audience.

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YouTube Cards Provide New Opportunities for Advertising

Google is announcing a new way of using Annotations on YouTube called YouTube cards. Here’s our take on using them for your YouTube Advertising efforts.

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