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    Emails that Nurture

    Our email copywriting services are focused on nurturing, engaging, and converting leads. We keep your brand in the minds of your audience so when they need a service you provide, they think of you first. At the beginning of every campaign, our content strategist will develop a plan of creating and emailing content that nurtures leads, not annoys.

    Entice Your Audience to Open

    Email inboxes can be a scary place filled with special offers, photos of cats, or potential riches from foreigns royalty. We write an eye-catching, fully A/B tested subject lines that commands your audience’s attention, boost open- and click-through rates, and rise above the inbox noise.

    Focus on Benefits, not Features

    Now that we’ve captured your audience’s attention, we craft a message that helps your audience understand the benefits of your products or services. Matching your company’s voice and adapting the tone for email—our copywriters work with designers to create emails that quickly inform, entertain, and drive customers to your website. It should be noted, we work with a variety of email marketing tools and platforms including Marketo, MailChimp, ConstantContact, and HubSpot.

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