Result-Driven Marketing

Let’s modernize your marketing strategy for today’s digital landscape.

SEO & Content Marketing

Our expert SEO team and content writers will create a conversion-driven digital marketing strategy carefully tailored to satisfy your readers intent as much as Google’s algorithm for optimal rankings.


Paid Advertising

Certified with Meta, Hubspot, and Google Premier Partners our paid ads team delivers multi-channel / full-funnel campaigns that drive leads from brand awareness to SQL. Target your audience exactly where they are!



Design & CRO

Increasing conversion rates with CRO (conversion rate optimization) is the fastest way to increase revenue. Through redesigns or landing pages we’ll make sure your website is your #1 salesperson.



Sean Wilcox, SVP of Marketing at Rafay

Our board recognizes that 20% of Rafay's 2021-22 revenue can be attributed to Gravitate's work.

We follow a proven framework

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing

Target Your Ideal Customers

Social media marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow us to pinpoint our ad targeting to very specific audiences. Like account-based marketing (ABM) we only show ads to your target customer profiles so that we can earn the best costs-per-acquisition (CPA) available.

We’ll run multiple variations of copy, graphics, and ad-types as part of our constant testing and mission to drive lower costs. Additionally, we’ll use retargeting campaigns to ensure we keep your brand top-of-mind and continually push them lower into your funnel.

Search Engine Optimization

Build Topical Authority in Your Niche

At Gravitate, SEO is about expanding your brand’s presence online so you show up when prospects are actively searching for the solution you provide. This is a bottom-to-top of funnel approach to search marketing.

We prioritize high ROI activities and content that leads to more leads and revenue. SEO should be about more than just keyword rankings and monthly reports. For us, SEO is a tool we use for driving real business growth.

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