We’re purpose-built to drive results for our partners who don’t just want to leave a dent in their industry, but a crater.

We’re a results-based agency. We craft websites with love and care to achieve complex marketing goals. In today’s high-stakes digital landscape, it takes an extraordinary end-to-end user experience, with research, strategy, design, development, and storytelling all working together, to make a meaningful impact.

Gravitate’s expertise and hard work led to valuable UX discoveries, intuitive navigation and functionality decisions—while ensuring our team has all the tools to build and manage content after launch.


Setting a project up for success

As projects kick off, we begin to wrap our heads around specific client goals, note our initial big ideas, and really dive into our digital research and planning process. From our first meeting, clients sense we’re different, right away. We jump in passionately and begin collaborating as if we’re an extension of our clients’ marketing departments. The result is finely honed site and content architecture that sets the momentum for the rest of the project and relationship.

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Watermark is a giant (and pioneer) in the EdTech industry and as the company grows and its portfolio expands Gravitate has been along for the ride working to build websites that reflect Watermark’s constantly shifting value and offerings while continually optimizing user experience and conversion rates.

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BedMart is a locally-owned and operated family business with over 40 locations throughout Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Hawaii. With roots dating back to the early ’90s, Bedmart is also one of the few regional mattress chains remaining in the US—the rest are either national behemoths or mom-and-pop shops with a couple of locations.

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Crafting immersive experiences

With the groundwork in place, we bring our ideas to life. Combining our expertise in storytelling, UX, and digital design, we build engaging experiences that enable clients to captivate and convert target audiences. We focus on innovative, content-driven design—tested through prototyping, user-testing, and structured ideation. Okay, that’s all just a fancy way of saying that our designs are proven to connect our clients to their customers.

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Amazon can be a minefield for companies without much experience. Netrush partners with iconic brands to control the chaos of selling on Amazon and needed a website that reflects both the professional expertise and the personal touch the Netrush team earnestly puts into every partnership.

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Getting the job done

Now to build the damn thing. Yes, our sites are attractive, intuitive, and conversion focused, but they’re also extremely well engineered. From complex e-commerce solutions to utilizing third-party tools and APIs, we develop speedy, flexible websites that function beautifully while still keeping backend usability and content creation easy for clients.

Recent Work

Performance Contracting, Inc

Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI) is among the nation’s leading specialty contractors providing nearly thirty diverse trades to the industrial, commercial, and non-residential markets. With over 60 branch offices nationwide we were tasked with combining nearly two dozen websites into a single robust offering capable of showcasing nationwide expertise while also serving up detailed contact information depending on where potential customers are located.

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